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Wood and Veneers
A leading Veneer, Laminate & Plywood distributor and Dealer, Wood & Veneers believes that sustainably harvested Wood products are ideal for architectural paneling, Wood Veneered doors and cabinet parts. With a fine tradition of 3 generations in the Wood Industry, Wood & Veneers quality products today are synonymous with strength, durability, beauty, and above all, sustainability. Choose your dream product from our incredible selection including Timber, Sal wood, Burma Teak wood, Teak wood, Maple wood, African teak wood, Pine wood, American walnut wood, Railway sleeper wood, Meranti wood, White oak wood, Door frames, Window frames, Wooden tiles, Solid wood mosaics, Finger joint wooden boards, Solid wood panel, Veneer, Timex veneers, Natural veneers, Decorative laminates, Mica, Timex mica, Plywood, Commercial plywood, Gurjan plywood, Semi-gurjan plywood, Marine plywood, BWP plywood, BWR plywood, Austin plywood, Greenply plywood, Lodven plywood, Kitply plywood, Sim-ply plywood, Sim gurjan plywood, Inox plywood, Jyvas plywood, Flush doors, Doors, Block boards, Wooden block board, Pine wood block board.
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